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English-speaking walking groups in Jerusalem

seniors walking group
The GO-60 challenge is to complete 60,000 steps each week
This goal has been scientifically proven to greatly contribute to overall health and reducing the risk of mortality in older adults by more than 50%.
seniors doing exercises

Start the new year with a commitment to your health!

You know you need to get fit but aren’t sure where to start?

The Go60 health program provides a full framework  healthy lifestyle routine for adults over 60.
Our social walking groups, under the supervision of professional trainers, lead the group to complete the program’s challenge of 60,000 steps each week.
In between workouts, you get support and encouragement through our dedicated app.

  • Reduce stress
  • Boost endorphins
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Lose excess weight
  • Build cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase mobility
  • Improve stability

But our program is so much more than walking

Group membership also includes a smartwatch which syncs to our app

This app collects data throughout the day and shares it with your trainer so that she can monitor your progress and provide you with personalized feedback

The full fitness package

Every new exerciser receives a sweat-wicking t-shirt, workout hat and a smart sports watch to track steps and athletic activity


Choose your time for a free workout and to learn more about our program​

Group Meeting Point

Gan Hapaamon, outside of the Train Theater and Skateboard Park


This program is designed for active adults ages 60+ who want to improve their health by joining a structured fitness program.

It combines the benefit of joining a group along with the individual attention you’d get from a personal trainer.

The group provides the social and cognitive benefits such as accountability, and building a network of other people also committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, our app collects individual data, so that our trainers can provide personalized guidance.

Starter Package:
990 NIS for 3 months, which includes 2 workouts a week, a smartwatch, branded workout t-shirt and hat, as well as access to our proprietary smartphone app.

1 workout a week and guidance via smartphone app:
250 NIS / mo
2 workouts a week and guidance via smartphone app: 350 NIS / mo

Sure! Physical fitness is infinitely scalable, and we can always increase the challenge by increasing your target number of steps per week, your walking speed, or even adding running!

If we receive enough requests for specialized groups, we can launch groups for specific populations. Some examples include separate gender groups, weight loss groups, diabetes patients, those who want to add running and more.

Our app works with most leading smartwatch brands, but in the event that you don’t already own a smartwatch, we will provide you with the Amazfit Band 5 watch upon registration

We collect information that is generated by wearable and non-wearable devices, such as smart watches, fitness bracelets, etc., or other smart devices (such as smart scales, digital blood pressure monitors, etc.), which measure and record various medical parameters, and fitness and nutrition data, such as step count, calorie burn rate, etc. The aforementioned information includes, among other things, in most devices on the market (but is not limited to only this) additional medical indicators such as: blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, blood oxygen level (saturation), EKG, monitoring and documentation of physical activity and sleep, etc. Most of VeVaio’s services are based on data collected on a variety of smart products. Some of the data collected (such as blood pressure data) is such that we must ask your permission to collect or process it. This permission is requested separately for each service that processes data that requires a specific permission and only after your approval will this service start.

For full details, view our Privacy Policy (Hebrew)

We advise speaking with a medical professional before beginning this, or any other physical activity. Before starting to train with us, you will need to fill out a health declaration form and confirm there that you are medically cleared to participate in athletic activity.

The company’s name indicates the main challenge of our programs – completing sixty thousand steps per week and the personal and group training program that provides a framework for instilling a healthier lifestyle routine with the help of nutrition and basic and regular physical activity under the supervision of experts and professionals.


Walking has several advantages as a form of physical activity:

It is low impact and requires no special equipment. Additionally, it can be done anywhere and at almost any time, making it simple to keep up with as a routine between formal workout sessions.

Numerous studies have shown that regular walking improves cardiovascular health, strengthens bones and muscles, and aids in excess weight loss.

It can also improve mental health by reducing stress and increasing feelings of well-being.
Walking provides a simple and effective way to incorporate physical activity into one’s daily routine, to promote general health and quality of life.

We meet in person as a group every week at the same time and place, in order to provide the structure and accountability needed to get results.

After a warmup, we will begin a walking route of about 30 minutes. We finish our workout with targeted exercises to improve strength and mobility, before cooling down with stretches.

The total length of the workout is 50 minutes.

We strongly recommend participating in workouts at least twice a week and continuing a walking program during other days of the week as your schedule and fitness allows.


At the moment we are offering weekday morning workouts at either 6 or 9am. If you have a specific request for certain days and times, please let us know. As soon as we have a minimum number of signups for a specific time, we can open additional groups!


A supportive network and structure designed to help you succeed in walking 60,000 steps a week

• In-person group walking workouts led by a trainer, once, twice, three times a week or more, depending on your membership level
• Personal monitoring via the VeVaio Fitt app and feedback from your trainer
• Receive professional guidance via the app and ask the trainer all of your fitness-related questions
• Daily updates and fitness programming via the VeVaio Fit app
• Sweat wicking t-shirt, workout cap and smartwatch

Yes, you can pause your membership for up to 2 months, twice a year.

About your trainer

Motto: Anyone can be an athlete. Make your movements training and food your fuel. The right mindset and program will get you there.
Ilana Guttman
Running coach and fitness trainer

A lifelong athlete growing up in Albany, NY, I made aliyah in 2009 from Washington, D.C. I am passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle and enjoying the outdoors. Sports have been a healthy outlet for stress and a great way to make new friends.

I’ve seen what a difference exercise can make in quality of life improvements for people of all ages, and I don’t think enough people understand that you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment in order to get a good workout!

I believe that mindset is the most important part of making a healthy lifestyle change, and joining a program like Go60 shows that you have the willingness to make a real commitment to improving your health.

As a UESCA and Tel Aviv University-certified run coach, I help runners by providing custom training plans, holding group training sessions and personal training sessions in Jerusalem. I am excited to now include walking groups among my fitness classes and to train older adults.

New year, new commitment to health!